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(ex Spandau Ballet)
Friday, 23/03/2018 21:00
As lead singer of Spandau Ballet, pioneers of the 80’s romantic movement, Tony Hadley, over the years earned the accolade of being one of pop music’s greatest vocalists. Spandau Ballet were the creators of top chart songs such as “Gold”, “Only When You Leave”, “Lifeline” and “True”, but Tony Hadley’s career went on after they disbanded in 1990. Tony is a solo artist who has spent the past twenty five years entertaining audiences all over the world with his stunning rich voice that has lost none of its power, and which critics deem to be better than ever. To date he has released five solo studio albums, including a Christmas album in 2015.
2016 was an extremely busy year for Tony performing all across the world, both solo, with his band and on occasions with an orchestra.  He headlined various UK festivals. Tony is incredibly popular in Italy where he performed many sold-out shows in 2016, including a Sinatra concert with orchestra in Tuscany, before returning to the Royal Albert Hall for another well received orchestral show.

Thursday, 5/04/2018 21:00
Norah Jones, singer –songwriter with more than 47 million album sold worldwide and 9 times Grammy winner, steps in Suite Festival to present us her new album “Day Breaks”.
“Day Breaks” is her remarkable sixth album which finds her returning to her jazz roots. Norah will perform songs from “Day Breaks” and catalog with acclaimed musicians Brian Blade (drums) and Chris Thomas (bass) on the upcoming tour. Norah continues to prove herself as this era’s quintessential American artist, the purveyor of an unmistakably unique sound that weaves together the threads of several bedrock styles of American music: country, folk, rock, soul and jazz.

Saturday, 7/04/2018 21:00

Luz Casal returns to the Suite Festival after 3 years.

Friday, 27/04/2018 21:00
Pablo López lands at the Liceu with the Tour Santa Libertad to present "Camino, fuego y libertad", his new and awaited album. "With this record, I have stirred everything, my life, my stories, even my house," says López.
El patio is the presentation single that the artist himself describes as "A song without a roof. A search for genuine and lost freedom with the dissembling of maturity. When you have to undress yourself definitely you can only do it with a tear, and that's this song. Sometimes you think in order to write, and sometimes you scream without thinking. "
A work that crates a “before and after” in Pablo López career’s and becomes the most intimate and emotional of his career, without losing the magic of telling us stories that you want to listen slowly from the beginning until the end and accompanied by great melodies, arrangements and a masterful composition, as well as his unmistakable way of feeling the piano.
For the moment, Pablo López invites us to discover "El patio" ... Do you play?

Monday, 30/04/2018 21:00
Less than three years is what Antonio Jose has needed to become one of the most emerging pop artists of the country. After the TV talent show he took part in finished, Antonio Jose had ahead a sound and promising career in Spain and Latin America, being probably, one of the few artists to stand out internationally once the TV talent show was finished.

Saturday, 9/06/2018 21:00
Love of Lesbian will celebrate their 20 anniversary at the Liceu’s stage the next 9th of June. The band will do a musical journey of their entire career.

A unique show in Barcelona to celebrate such a special occasion.

Monday, 9/07/2018 21:00
Love of Lesbian will celebrate their 20 anniversary at the Liceu’s stage. The band will do a musical journey of their entire career.

A unique show in Barcelona to celebrate such a special occasion.

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