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Saturday, 9/03/2019 21:00
After topping n#1 of sales charts in Spain, n#1 in Itunes and achieving 4,5M views in YouTube with his first single “Esta Vez”… Luis Cepeda released new album, a promising and creative work that help us to understand better his evolution as an artist.
In 2016 he was proposed to take part in the talent show “The voice”. However, some months later after that, he auditioned and was chosen to take part in another contest, “Operacion Triunfo”. It was here, where he assimilated the values, the skills and how to have real fun on stage.
His first record saw the light last June 29th bringing a bunch of songs created with David Santisteban, producer and songwriter known for his works with India Martinez, Antonio Jose or Maria Parrado, among many others.
The album gathers also some of his older compositions, allowing us to know the once anonymous and shy artist who wrote just out of pleasure.  No doubt we have approached the inner Luis looking right into his feelings through his songs.

Wednesday, 3/04/2019 21:00
There have always been two sides to Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger: the epic, radio-friendly sound represented by his international number one single, Let Her Go, and his UK number one album, Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea (2016), and the more introverted, singer-songwriter side heard, for instance, on Whispers II (2015) and The Boy Who Cried Wolf (2017). 

Runaway, the new album, finds Passenger embracing the epic once again: the melodies are unforgettable, the choruses colossal. These are songs you are going to hear on the radio. ‘Some see pop as a dirty word,’ says Rosenberg, ‘but it just means the melody is catchy. Well, my favourite songs that have ever been written are catchy.’ 

The album, Rosenberg’s tenth in 11 years, was recorded between the UK and Australia with his co-producer, Chris Vallejo, but its aesthetic is North American. Some of the lyrics refer to specific locations, such as Detroit and Yellowstone. ‘My dad is American,’ Rosenberg explains, ‘and we used to go over every other summer when we were kids. I always loved it. I guess I was seduced by it a little bit. It was such a culture shock coming from England.’

Sonically, too, Runaway draws on Americana, for instance the early work of Ryan Adams. There is some lap steel, some mandolin, a little banjo, all courtesy of guitarist Benjamin Edgar, Rosenberg is also joined on the album by bassist Rob Calder, drummer Peter Marin and keyboard player Jon Hansen.

Rosenberg imagined these new songs as unfolding against a backdrop of American landscapes. And so, rather than the usual video process, he and video director Jarrad Seng spent three weeks making videos on a road trip across the US.

Passenger has come a long way since the release of his first album, Wicked Man’s Rest, back in 2007. The initial incarnation, in which Rosenberg was backed by a full band, was followed by his reinvention as a solo artist and a period of busking, largely in Australia and New Zealand.

Tuesday, 9/04/2019 21:00

Rufus Wainwright, one of the great male vocalists, songwriters and composers of his generation, has released eight studio albums, three DVDs, and three live albums. He has collaborated with artists ranging from Elton John, David Byrne, Mark Ronson, Joni Mitchell to Burt Bacharach. At the age of 14 he was named Canada’s best young musician and later received the Juno Award for Best Alternative Album. His album, “Rufus Does Judy” recorded at Carnegie Hall in 2006, was nominated for a Grammy. In 2018, Rufus won for his contribution to the “Tony Bennett Celebrates 90” album in the best traditional pop vocal album category.

Monday, 22/07/2019 21:00
Necessity is the mother of inventions, and “UNICO” is good proof of that, born from the dark and hard side of life, with a spirit of survival and an undisputable aim of entertaining your senses.
Life won’t give you more than you can handle, and when I least expected, liberty and necessity built inside my mind something unimaginable at the beginning. The proof that mixture, before being mixture, had been pure, synthesis and origin of the unwearied search for new paths, for new and different ways to tell you about life.  
Life itself leaves no one indifferent.
UNICO is not a concert, not a theatre play, or a movie; it’s neither prose nor poetry. Don’t expect something ordinary and just let yourself be found, we’ll talk about you, your life, your feelings and your fears, UNICO is you, UNICO is a wonderful part of your life.
If you ever thought my songs talked about you, stop doubting, they really talk about you!

Saturday, 14/12/2019 21:00
For the first time since his early years as member of Los Rápidos, Los Burros or El Último de la Fila during the eighties and nineties, Manolo Garcia is offering his greatest hits in an acoustic format. He will set aside the electric paraphernalia he loves, to make a 180 degree turnout approaching his all time songs in a total acoustic way, imbuing  them with new sonorities and stressing on Spanish and acoustic guitars.
An acoustic format but with a huge band on stage though, and a surprise to delight his unconditional fans’ or new followers’ ears. It represents a still unseen possibility of reaching his audience’s feelings with his voice and performance.
Band: Ricardo Marín, Víctor Iniesta, Josete Ordóñez (Spanish and acoustic guitars, lute), Juan Carlos García (piano, percussion, and back vocals), Olvido Lanza (violin and cello), Charli Sardà (percussion) and Iñigo Goldaracena (double bass and accordion), Manolo García (vocals and acoustic guitar).
This will be an extensive tour with which Manolo Garcia wishes to bring his show to those cities his previous tours could not reach.

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