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Friday, 21/02/2020 21:00

Founded in 1976 in Madrid by Argentineans Ariel Rot (guitar) and Alejo Stivel (vocals), and Spaniards Julian Infante, Felipe Lipe and Manolo Iglesias, TEQUILA was one of the most famous bands since their beginning until they broke up in 1982. Their career is crowded with hits such as Quiero Besarte, Salta!!! or Dime que me quieres, milestones of Spanish Rock ‘n Roll even today.

Clearly influenced by artists like Chuck Berry or The Rolling Stones, new in Spanish rock of the time, the band burst into the music scene with a fresh, funny and nonchalant rock which soon connected with a massive audience and turned them into rock & Roll stars.

Some years later, and after releasing two solo albums, Ariel Rot and Julian Infante formed Los Rodriguez with Andres Calamaro. Once this band broke up, Ariel picked up his solo career, which is still ongoing. Separately, Alejo Stivel kept connected to music becoming a successful music producer.

In 2008, Ariel Rot and Alejo Stivel reunited onstage upon the release of the record and DVD “Vuelve Tequila!”. That would be their last tour together, until now: they have come back together to say a definitive farewell to their eternal audience.

Sunday, 28/06/2020 21:00

Wilco return with “Ode to Joy” three-plus years after the release of the “world-weary, wheezy – and wonderfully warm” (The Guardian) Schmilco, and encourages the act of finding joy in a dark political climate. The album presents a unique rhythm track and a minimalist instrumentation, with lyrics at once observant, hopeful, morbid, tolerant, and abstract.

Whether our joy is measured by sparks felt when clutching old sweaters to our chests, by the number of tiny digital hearts earned from a shared photograph, by a guitar solo or a drumbeat or a piece of cotton on a stick in your ear, or by something even greater, Wilco wants to sincerely remind us to wear that feeling loud and proud. This is Ode to Joy: pick it up, hold it tight.

Monday, 29/06/2020 21:00
Il Volo will embark on a world tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their career. A tour which started in May 2019 with the live shows in Japan. Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto started their careers at a very young age, in 2009, and their constant ascent has led them to sing duets with artists like Barbra Streisand and Plácido Domingo. Other Accomplishments include winning the San Remo Festival at the young age of 20, filling the Arena di Verona and the New York Radio City Music Hall, and reaping standing ovations in their tours all over Europe, America, and Japan.
Their last album, “Musica” containing the song “Musica che resta”, which won them the podium at the Sanremo Festival, was one further confirmation of their worldwide success. The trio’s album was among the TOP 10 of best-selling albums on iTunes in as many as 14 countries (from Malta, Brazil, Finland to Israel) and made second place in the daily ranking of best-selling records in Japan (Original Confidence Daily International Music Charts), second only to the soundtrack of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Sunday, 19/07/2020 21:00

Roger Hodgson is recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time! Hodgson co-founded the progressive rock band Supertramp in 1969 and was with them for 14 years.  As the legendary voice, writer and arranger of most of Supertramp’s greatest hits that led to more than 60 million record sales, he gave us amazingly enduring songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives.

‘The Times’ wrote “There are few vocalists instantly recognizable from the first few bars of a song, but Roger Hodgson is certainly one of that unique group. The singer/songwriter of Supertramp, his voice is as unmistakable as the distinct keyboard sound of his early hits.”

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